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If you've wondered where a lot of the recent games have been coming from, we've been supporting a local community program that teaches high school students how to use games to talk about socially conscious issues that affects us all. We've created a blog post that contains pictures and video from the 4 week program as well as links to the games the students created. Many of the students knew nothing of game development going in, but decided that it's something they want to pursue once the program ended.


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    That's fabulous, wish I had a program like that when I was in H.S! They did very well not knowing much about game development, and I think GS is a great opportunity for kids and adults in creating games, I've never been this excited about a software release, let alone a game release in a long time, can't wait for GS to fully launch!
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    me to, im mega excited for it to be realesd
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