New sciTunes Website is Live!

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I am now trying to run my sciTunes biz full-time. I quit my teaching job moved my family 14 hours to Indiana and am trying to make a go of this. The current focus is to create HTML5 games for my website that support the music-based science curriculum I created (one down 10 to go!). I have a few more games that I started awhile ago that need to be polished up quite a bit but I should have a few more science games up soon. Once that is done and I have met a few other obligations (I'm not going to let you down, Ian!) I have a dozen or more non-educational games that I will publish under my other business "Snow Day Apps." Anyways, I thought it was time I had a decent website. I decided to try wordpress and now I can't believe I ever bothered to learn HTML or CSS (though I have used a bit of it here and there to modify things a bit). Anyways, thanks for letting me ramble.

I set the site up at sciencetunes dot com so that my normal site would not have to be down while I worked on the new one. But now I am not quite sure how to switch a wordpress site over to a new domain. So for the time being I am just redirecting people to the new site.


you can check it out at



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    Looks really good, very professional.

    Is it hosted by wordpress or a locally installed version of wordpress on your host?
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    Thanks, Stu. I use a company called start logic to host my site and they have a one button setup for wordpress. Then I just login to my admin dashboard and go from there. It was pretty easy. There are tons of cool free plugins that allow you do all kinds of things.
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    in which case then they should be able to change your A record to the folder where wordpress is installed. That will avoid the need for a redirect. (also ask them to change the 'www' CNAME to the same folder).
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    GOOD LUCK - brave move - I admire you....

    I'm so very close to doing the same myself. Have just taken a contract for 5 months that should fill up the bank account, so hopefully Feb/March next year....

    I too have a family - what a financial burden eh! But live is all about taking risks.... it would be oh so dull if we didn't...

    I'm sure you're venture will be a great success.


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