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Pause Bug..Any Ideas..THANKS

iWiniWin Posts: 334Member
edited 8:44AM in Tech Support
i have a pause button that worked fine before i updated GS..After updating somehow whenever im in the pause menu and i press resume nothing works in my play scene..i have an actor thats supposed to shoot but nothing works..This is my setup

When actor pause is pressed
Chang scene to pause scene and reserve current scene

When actor resume is pressed
Chang scene to Play scene

Can this be a bug because i cant find any solution to the problem??Thanks


  • iWiniWin Posts: 334Member
    IM trying everything...i think this is a bug from the update cause there nothing wrong..OMG
  • EastboundEastbound Posts: 1,074Member, BASIC
    I'm experiencing mistakes that I don't believe are my doing as well. I think pretty much everyone is.
  • iWiniWin Posts: 334Member
    yeah hope they fix soon;.
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