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How can i improve my arts in game?

v00d0v00d0 Posts: 143Member
I've almost completed my first game to publish on app store, but I've a question: how can i improve my arts? all my actors, backgrounds, etc take a lot to lot of time to load on my mac and i don't wanna think how much time it will take on an iPhone :O anyone know a way to reduce the size of each png? i've a lot of animation and things to manage and show so a help will be appreciated . Thanks a lot


  • calvin9403calvin9403 Posts: 3,190Member
    well, make sure your pngs is the size of 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 etc(the best), pngs like 516*516 is no good

    and all your pngs should be 72dpi, higher then that is not good either

    btw, how big is the project?
  • v00d0v00d0 Posts: 143Member
    12,3 MB but still need to add something.
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