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[Offered] Game Logo and Graphic Design Services

thezerowarriorthezerowarrior Posts: 5Member
Ive posted in the Unity3d forums, but figured I should start posting here to get more serious inquiries as far as projects that have been working on are in development, winding down or arent contractually beginning until next month, so I have some time for some new work.

The onslaught of 15 year olds and wanting to design MMOs is always humorous to me though, gotta admit. :D

Ive worked with designing business cards, brochures, logos and the like for quite a few years now, and Would just like to add game design to the list as well, and helping out polishing up some interesting projects Ive seen around here and perhaps putting some money towards my own projects as well.

I have attached a quick screen shot of some personal and professional work that Ive worked on, could always check out the work yourself in detail on facebook.
As far as design requests, please keep a few things in mind:
- Do you already have a logo, or at least a concept/research/ etc?
- Is the game free or a paying game, just to get an idea as to how vast the game is.
- Ultimately will it just be used in game (digital) or will you have other needs for it besides being on a title screen?
- Most importantly, what is the budget you are working within?

Looking forward to working with you guys!
PM or email me at [email protected] with any questions!

Please note that due to the extremely high email volume Ive been getting, This is not for a unpaid request or for free work.
I will work with you as much as possible if you have a programming, modeling or otherwise useful skillset or background, but I am not looking to donate any more work at this time to indie strides, but am always more then happy to hear about what you have cooking!
Again, quickest way to contact me is via email at [email protected]

Check out for more work, just to get a variety of things that I have worked on previously, and would love to work on even more vast or different projects.


  • thezerowarriorthezerowarrior Posts: 5Member
    Also to whoever is just flagrantly deleting this topic, If there are any questions or concerns please PM and do not just delete. I see that there are many many MANY requests for design work, and just deleting a post for no reason isnt really helping anybody.
    Thanks again!
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    It was not Deleted it was moved to the Marketplace where all paid products and services Belong.

    We do not want our helpful forum clogged with requests for money. Please read the Rules and guidelines sticky Before make more threads so you know the rules of this forum.

    This Thread will be deleted shorty Once you have had a chance to see it.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

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