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Need help with a charity project. (Graphics)

nypraisenypraise Posts: 96Member, PRO
I have posted some info regarding this project before, so I will try to keep it brief.

I´m working on my first Gamesalad project and this is a game for mentally challenged children (or very young children). I have a 7 year old steph daughter who is mentally challengend. She has problems speaking, communicating and she is no more than 3 years old mentally. I want to create a game for her and others like her, so she will be stimulated the right way. She has the ability to learn just as long as she takes baby steps and she is some what entertained while she is learning. I have made some of the game on my own,but for it to be as good as I want for her I need some help with the graphics. Want I need is someone to help me out, I can pay, but not to mutch since this is a free project. The person/persons I need must be avail and take this seriouse. This is important for me and my steph daughter, I need it to be important to who ever helps me out. Contact me at [email protected] :)



  • nypraisenypraise Posts: 96Member, PRO
    Maybe this should be in the jobs section?
  • vancamelotvancamelot Posts: 1Member
    can you tell me exactly what is your game or send me the graphic style that you need??? Maybe a link?
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