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No sound after pause or reset level... sometimes

LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,869Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
This could be the know sound bug but I am not sure. So I'll post anyway.
I have a game almost ready for sale, worked in it for the last month almost every day full time.
I really want to upload it soon because I want to have it available on 911 when I want to have all my apps free for a day (I am an eyewitness of 911 so for me this is a special day... in a bad way offcourse).

Lots of debugging and tweaking but I keep having problems with sound.

My setup:
Mac mini 2 ghz Intel Core 2 (!) duo
2gb of ram.

iPhone 4

I use ogg files for sound files created in Audacity and import those in Gamesalad.

Most of the times (but today for the first time it didn't work one time) the sounds work perfect when I upload the game to the viewer and start the game.

So I start with an intro, then main menu, level pick menu and after that level 1 starts.
The sound is still working.
Now after a while when I finish a level I go to a score scene.
When playing a level you can pause, in pause you can restart the level.
I am using the same level and reset it after each round (I use calculations and power-ups to make it different/difficult depending on a game level attribute)

This all works well but for some reason after a pause or after a score scene the sound is gone. Music keeps playing but no sound FX's.

I checked the sound game volume attribute (with a display text) and this says the volume is on 1. Also my sound toggle (to turn some fx of) is still on.

It never comes back on again.
I openend and exported all the sounds in audacity to make sure there is non of them failing.
I also added an extra actor with a repeating sound (every 1second timer) and no extra rules and this also goes quiet.

What do you think? Is this the sound bug. I am really troubled about this, I want to get it out. :((

Thanks in advance!


Edit: In the Game salad builder preview the sound stays but the display text attributes are blank (looks like the same thing causing it but I am not sure)
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