Traffic Ninja up and running on 8.1! ...oh with an update :)

CrazybreadmanCrazybreadman Member Posts: 674
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Come check out the new graphics (love it or hate it?) and a new level I'm working on. This isn't 1.1 but I'm getting there! Let me know what you think and report any bugs you find please.


  • GamexcbGamexcb Member Posts: 179
    But were is the original area?!?!
    Also I like how its the same game with different areas!
    The Bridge it really hard!
  • CrazybreadmanCrazybreadman Member Posts: 674
    The desert highway is the same as the original only with a color tint and the bg has desert plants now. Other than that it's the same...Does it seem that much different? Oh and as of now the bridge is exactly the same as the highway but darker and with visual obstacles which makes it harder. After squashing bugs all day I'm gonna work on easy modes.
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