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Kernel Panic crashes!!!

eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hello all of a sudden I have been getting KP's, three in a row...I am only using a RULE and a CHANGE SCENE behavior....but when I preview my game it crashes my entire system....I got this on .7 and also on .8.2 any ideas????

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: GameSalad


  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    Could there be an issue with my ATI card?


    Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies):>0xa85fff
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
    Hacintosh or real Mac?
  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    REAL, powermac with 8 cores, 5 gigs....ATI,RadeonX1900
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    I thought you can only use Intel, that may be your problem.
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    I had a kernel panic when I first started using GameSalad...version 6.1 i think?
    It hasn't happened since (or before...)

    I've seen it happen on a friend's machine while he was using GameSalad as well...

    don't know what causes it.
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
    Heat is the usual cause of kernel panics on Macs, they try to run the fans as little as possible and in my opion, not enough.

    I use a little program called smcFanControl that lets me set the minimum fan speed. My MacBook Pro Unibody has a default setting of 2000rpms, That's too low, I set it to 2600, it's not any louder but it keeps the CPU temp well below 60deg C.

    I noticed when GS runs it tends to slow down over time. That slowdown shoots my CPU usage up over the 100% mark for sustained periods of time. The temp will jump up to 80 deg C. Really fast!

    100 deg C is when kernel panics happen.
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
    Also, i've seen the web plug in totally crash my system from time to time. Complete system hang. REALLY RARE! Only happened twice and usually it was due to me doing some really fast opening and closing of Safari.
  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    I am on an Intel happens when I am testing the game in GS usually when I hit a touch behavior......what the heckle? can I do anything?
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
    Check your console, see what is causing it.

    how hot is your machine?
  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    temp is 92F i really dont think GS would push my machine to a threshold of there anything else I can check
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member
    actually GS pushes my machine up to 80deg C when it does it's "spinning for no reason" thing.

    100deg C kills your box.
  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    no, something else is going on...:(
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