GameCenter leaderboards reset?

ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Member Posts: 1,114
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My 2 games currently set up with GameCenter leaderboards seem to have recently lost all the highscores...

iSUB had a decent size highscore listing...(mostly through free downloads) but now only shows 3 highscores (and that includes me). So I checked Impact Earth, my other game set up with Gamecenter, and its the same for that too.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know its not GameSalad related, which is why its in the miscellaneous thread, but its I just wanted to see if anyone else has suddenly had all their GameCenter leaderboards wiped, and their games turned into Billy-no-Mates affairs.....!

Its strange that its happened for both of my apps....


  • GamersRejoiceGamersRejoice Member Posts: 817
    Are you in Sandbox mode? I thought I lost all of my scores once but it was because I was still in sandbox mode. Try signing in and out of Game Center
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Member Posts: 1,114
    Doh!.... cheers for that GR :)

    Seems i was in sandbox after all.... phew.... :)
  • MagoNicolasMagoNicolas Member, PRO Posts: 2,090
    I had happen to some of us...
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