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Hi everyone

recently I made a test game and published it, i have some question , and could someone plz answer them if they know :

1- I want to know why some of games will go in top 200 games free and why not my game , what will make some game to enter to top 200 game ? a lot number of downloads ?
if many downloads will help , so how do others see the game to download it ? with Ads ? Andreas Illiger (maker of Tiny Wings) advertised for its game ? how and where ? I dont remember he did it !!

2- I want to know what make a game to be more visible and have more downloads :
I think the only thing is :
1-a creative game like Tiny Wings will do everything , no need to Ads .
2-just sending promo code to toucharcade , and if toucharcade love the game , world will love it.

am I right ?

( how can I see how many downloads I had for my game , in itunes store or itunes connect ? )
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