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my graphics are pixely =(

icanmakeicanmake Posts: 466Member
i am trying to make the main character of my game look better but it looks very pixely. i have made it entirely with illustrator. what would i have to do in illustrator or gamesalad to make it so my character doesn't look pixely anymore? please help this is really bugging me


  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    are they all even and even when divided by 2, and 72 dpi? Also if your using R.I. they need to be even when divided by 4 as well
  • JadarStudiosJadarStudios Posts: 264Member
    R.I. meaning Resolution Independence?
  • icanmakeicanmake Posts: 466Member
    im not using resolution independance and in illustrator i put them so they will be even when divided by 2 and they are 72 dpi. even when i zoom out in illustrator and i havent exported them yet it looks pixely. i dont know why because when i have the image fullscreen in illustrator it looks fine but if i zoom out to 100 percent it looks pixely. how can i make the image look better?

    edit: maybe it is because my character has a border around it. should i remove that or would it not make any difference?

    edit again: heres a view of the character incase ur wondering:
  • icanmakeicanmake Posts: 466Member
    anyone want to help?
  • fzeedfzeed Posts: 247Member
    If you want, send me the Illustrator file and i can take a look (i've been in printing 20+ years and use AI daily). I just finished an 4 foot x 8 foot sign, the graphics have a stroke (border) around it and it is NOT pixely.
  • icanmakeicanmake Posts: 466Member
    ok. i cant send it for 2-3 hours though. can i have your email address?
  • fzeedfzeed Posts: 247Member
  • icanmakeicanmake Posts: 466Member
    email sent =)
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