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One of the problems of game creating is TIME. If your like me and have lots of other things to do it means that you might only have a few hours a day to work on your games. There are certain things in GameSalad that could be tweaked to speed up your workflow.

1) When pasting rules if it has eg, self.loading attribute then it shouldn't wipe it off if the actor your copying it to has the same attribute.

2) A button in the toolbar similar to the scenes button except it shows actors.

3) In the inspector when your browsing through actors and you put a tag filter on it should remember what you filtered because as soon as you leave that page it resets.

4) Folders to keep things organised and help you locate things quicker.

5) If you scroll down in the inspector it remembers where you've scrolled to so when you get back after editing actors it's still in the same place

6) The ability to move attributes up or down in the list.

If anyone has any others please post it.
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