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STORMYS TIME MACHINE (Get your scene loading times)



This is a new free template available on my site. Use it to see the exact loading times between 'slow loading scenes' so you can see how changing things in your scene increases or lowers the loading times.

After deciding to try and start improving loading times on my current game project I came up with the idea to create a simple tool for measuring the loading times of a scene. (Literally thought of it on the walk home from the train station today and have spent the night making it).

Check out the walkthrough video:

How to use the template
(How to info is also in the above video)

1 • Ideally use a tool like Deep Blue Apps ''Project Merger' to bring the template into your own games, otherwise you can recreate or copy in the rules, attributes and needed actors.

2 • Once in, double click on the 'button' actor and copy the 'Activate Stormys Time Machine' group of rules (you can drag it down to your custom behaviours for easy access).

3 • Paste (or drag from custom behaviors) above your own set of rules just above your own 'change scene' behaviour.

4 • Then goto the scene that you are changing to and drag the 'Stormys Time Machine Actor' on to your scene.

5 • That's it… now run the game and see what the loading times are.

6 • You can then write down the times if you want and change parts of your game to see if you can bring down your loading times.

How the rules work:
Now we have access to the devices clock it is possible to save the time before and after a scene loads. You can then work out the difference with some maths and some offset rules when necessary.

I hope you like it and find some use for it… any feedback is very welcome… thanks Jon.


*Please note this is using the Devices Clock at not 'timers', so its only since we were recently given access to the clock that this was possible...
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