ERRORS! My game won't publish?

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Here's the story:
I've tried it all.

I happily finished my first app, published it in gamesalad, then went through the steps in itunesconnect. Status reads prepare for upload. I found the application loader and went through the steps. Finally came the moment to hit the send button when:

BAM! ERRORS! First time it said no application found. I searched it up on the forums and found my problem. I fixed it (went into finder, made new folder, put app into it, compressed folder, moved to desktop, then tried to send).

BAM BAM! More errors! Not on top level of archive. Codesigning error.

-I have latest versions of everything!
-I tried to rebuild my app (even from scratch)
-I've died!!! (and only YOU can resurrect me from the dead ashes of my hope.)
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