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After update to beta 0.4.6 some bugs

JaxterJaxter Member, PRO Posts: 398
edited November -1 in Tech Support
1. In my game just actor who was just png text with no rules - get some rools and was not static anymore... i can not fix it and made new actor with the same image and replaced it..

2. Once can not be possible to test game.. on all scenes after clicking they was black screen... i saved it and reopened but nothing happens game was destroyed.. Than good i had one backup version...

3. Why you did not include option to test game on iphone????


  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    To answer question 3 for you the ability to test your game on the iPhone is an application that you will install to your iPhone. Therefore it must be submitted to Apple for approval, which can take up to a month in a lot of cases.

    That should whet your appetite.
  • JaxterJaxter Member, PRO Posts: 398
    So one more thing... do we need to register in apple developer program or all process will go try the Gamesalad?
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    You must still register. GS will only put it in the right format. Then you submit to Apple. You must pay their $100 annual fee to be in the developer program.
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