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Actual help with Timer+Scoring

jbrown2177jbrown2177 Posts: 66Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
I've been trying to solve this problem for a bit. I have a game in which you have to beat the timer to make it to the next level in time, but if the timer runs out I want the player to maintain the last score before the timer runs out and not be able to score points afterward. In my test I'm still able to score after the timer runs out. Otherwise, if you make it to the next level I want more time to be added as a reward on each level you make it to. Logically it seems possible on here, but I haven't seen a game on here with these functions yet.


  • jbrown2177jbrown2177 Posts: 66Member
    I guess I'm going about it wrong because I created an integer called gamerscore and if my actor touches a certain actor gamerscore will add to the score +10. I was trying to marry the scoring system with the timer and that's when it gets complicated. So should I create gameyourtimer as the scoring integer?
  • jbrown2177jbrown2177 Posts: 66Member
    Whew thanks brother because I was banging my head against the wall on this. We need a tutorial for this I'm sure more people will do this.
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