Top 10 99c/59p iPhone apps?

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What is everyones top ten iphone apps? (Priced 99c or 59p)


  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Here are my faves in no particular order:

    Plushed, Danger Cats, Kill the King, Talking Carl, Moron Test, Hook Champ, Radiant, Spikey, Toy Bot Series, and Traffic Rush, and Red Block Remover !

    There are so many more I could list, but these fell in the top ten for the moment :) I'm an App addict

    Talking Carl is also a huge hit at my work, and so many people have bought that app, it's brought a lot of laughs :)

    I love Donut games, I think they have some great games, and they usually make them free in the beginning.

    Some of these may have increased prices, but when I purchased them they were .99c :)
  • iDeveloperziDeveloperz Member Posts: 1,169
    Yeh i love talking carl he's funny :D

    i think mine are...

    Talking Carl, Doodle Jump, Ocarina, Pocket Guitar, iCode, I am Ninja, App box Pro, iBomber, Doodle Army and Pocket God.

    I would enjoy earth attack more if i work on the graphics and if 'Game Salad' fix the 1 to 10 second wait when switching views.
  • iDeveloperziDeveloperz Member Posts: 1,169
    I just bough red block remover, its a really good game :)

    In-fact it replaces Army doodle in my top 10.
  • iDeveloperziDeveloperz Member Posts: 1,169
    Isn't that T-Shirt Booths Game?

    T-Shirt. Would you recommend Pro GS or not?
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    iDeveloperz, PRO is very nice to have, however keep in mind the only difference is the Splash screen & the outside URL. I would not upgrade to PRO until you have several apps out at the very least (yes I have PRO).

    You will want to showcase your other apps in each of your games. That way someone could go to your "More Apps BY" screen & see all the AMAZING, ULTRA, UBER, SUPER, DUPER, AWESOME, LIGHTNING BOLT!, LIGHTNING BOLT!, apps that you have created =)
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