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Interesting — Apple is in Austin!

PhoticsPhotics Posts: 4,172Member
So, I was busy with other stuff... and then my phone rang... 512 area code? What's that?

I later looked at my phone... I have a voice mail, from someone in Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas?! Why would someone be calling me from there? I listened to the voice message, figuring that maybe the GameSalad people might want to chat. No... it's not GameSalad. It's Apple. Apparently, they want me to renew. HA!

I thought carefully about the matter before the call.
Documented here...

I feel that Apple does indeed earn their 30 percent. I was planning to renew, but not until Friday. Maybe I should step up that date. Apple takes this very seriously, as my apps would disappear from the App Store.

I think it's cool that Apple and GameSalad are close to each other. Maybe they hang out and chat about iOS development. :)


  • DZTECHDZTECH Posts: 216Member, PRO
    Yah Apple has three headquarters one in Silcon Valley, One in UK, and one in Asia. There call center is in austin
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