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Conditions of Use : Zen Cart!, The POST /forums/bb-p

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<div id="navColumnOneWrapper" style="width: 200px"><!--// bof: categories //-->
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<div class="categories-top-list no-dots"> [url=] Tiffany Bracelets[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Necklaces[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Earrings[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Bangles[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Pendants[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Charms[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Rings[/url]</div>
<div class="categories-top-list "> [url=] Tiffany Sets[/url]</div>
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[url=] Shipping & Returns[/url]
[url=] Privacy Notice[/url]
[url=] Conditions of Use[/url]
[url=] Contact Us[/url]
[url=] Site Map[/url]
[url=] Gift Certificate FAQ[/url]
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Conditions of Use

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<div class="centerColumn" id="conditions">
<h1 id="conditionsHeading">Conditions of Use</h1>

<div id="conditionsMainContent" class="content">
<p>Conditions of Use Sample Text ...</p><p>This section of text is from the Define Pages Editor located under Tools in the Admin.</p>
<p>To remove this section of the text, delete it from the Define Pages Editor.</p></div>

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