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Composers for Hire

Dream Orbit Music Corporation
DOMC is an up and rising composers organization that is offering its services to anyone who would like to incorporate quality music into their game (or any other type of media that you may be working on).
We offer a wide range of composers to choose from, all with varying styles and unique compositional techniques so that you have more methods of composition at your disposal, depending on style or your genre preference.

As of now, there are 7 composers that are affiliated with DOMC, and below the url to each individuals profile is a list of our current composers.

Jisun -DOMC Founder

Mind you, you do not have to listen through each composer's profile. By simply e-mailing us with details on your project and the style of music you need, we can pair you with a composer whose skills and abilities are best suited for the music you require.

The price for a song and/or soundtrack depends solely on the project itself. This can be discussed later once a composer has been selected and an agreement for pricing has been met.

Contact Information
If you are interested in a specific composer, or interested in a position within DOMC, you can reply to this thread, through PMs, or by e-mailing me, Jasmine, at: [email protected]

We hope to hear from you soon!
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