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Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge: Finalists announced!

CobraCobra Posts: 160Member
edited November -1 in News from the Dev Team
The judges have spoken, and the Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge Finalists are: So, what happens now?

Starting tomorrow, the above five Finalist games will be prominently featured on

In one week, the public voting will begin through Twitter. You won't need a GameSalad account to participate, but you will need the GameSalad Plug-in for Safari to play the games and a Twitter account to cast your votes. Invite your friends!

At Macworld 2010, the Finalist games will be demonstrated and critiqued live by our panel of judges on the Macworld expo floor. The public votes will be combined with the judges' votes to determine the Grand Prize Winner, who will receive a GameSalad Pro Membership and an Apple iPod Touch. This event will happen on the last day of Macworld, and we'd love to see you there!

We've also selected five International Exhibitors to be featured at and at Macworld 2010. Here are the Featured International Exhibitors: Congratulations to all of these amazing game creators... and good luck to the Finalists in the voting to come!


  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    Will there ever be the possibility for the others to know the reasons of their elimination? I think that some good criticism could help us improve on future upgrades or games.

    That said, congratulation to everyone who did it and thanks to Gendai Games for the opportunity they gave us.
  • CobraCobra Posts: 160Member
    The judges had limited time and quite a few games to go through, so unfortunately it wasn't feasible for them to provide everyone with feedback.

    However, keep in mind that you are in a forum full of game creators! :) If you start a thread about your game and ask for honest criticism, I think you'll find that many people will be willing to help you out.
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