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Female Narrator to read my book/update my app (Paid)

Hello, I put out my children's book A World Without Water yesterday (9/10/11) and I would like to do an update in the near future (End of the month or early October).

I want a female voice to read my story (US English).

If possible I would also like the female voice to be able to add all the sound to the book through gamesalad for me (each page would be recorded as a file, and a sound on/off feature would be included). Please let me know if you are capable of one or more of these options.

*I am not looking for an additional programmer for this project, just someone who can do both or just a female narrator. Thank you.

This is a paid job, so send me a quote and I will let you know.

The book is 32 pages. Each page was created as a scene and has music playing in the background.


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