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Carbyn... HTML5 based app store.... your thoughts?

ARC_GamesARC_Games Posts: 78Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
anyone have any thoughts on this site which hypes itself as the future of HTML5 apps? has anyone submitted apps to them or bought an app from their store? just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this.


  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    Carbyn certainly looks interesting .. who knows ?
  • ARC_GamesARC_Games Posts: 78Member
    I guess at the very least, it will be another outlet for developers to sell games/apps.
  • jaaferjaafer Posts: 1Member
    Hey all -

    It's Jaafer from Carbyn. We're working to give HTML5 games a home like native games have on the iPad. People can save favorites, multi-task, download from the app store...we're paying special attention to hardware acceleration, offline cache, etc. Overall we want it to look/feel native but be all in the browser.

    For game developers, the app store within Carbyn will be another outlet to distribute your amazing games. Since we announced Carbyn we've had 40K signups in one week! We're going to push hard and are making some strategic partnerships to help this number explode.

    If you've got a great HTML5 Mobile game then vist and connect with us.

    Freedom and Fun for everyone!

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