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New to making games needs help

cazec274cazec274 Posts: 4Member
I am totally new to making games and just got my mac in into. I just downloaded gamesalad and have been watching videos on how to use it. I am interested in getting a small team together to help each other learn and produce some great games. I am looking to partner up with two other members. If your new or a vet to gamesalad and want to team up please pm me with a little about yourself. Can't wait to hear from you!


  • youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
    Why don't you post some questions on what you need help with.
  • cazec274cazec274 Posts: 4Member
    I just started today so pretty much everything, but I want to start a team so we can all learn stuff together and get some games out in the future.
  • youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
    check out the cookbook videos
    try just experimenting in the creator. try to make some simple games as a learning experience and when you are ready start on a major project to release to the app store
  • theCodeMonsterstheCodeMonsters Posts: 359Member
    I would recommend you find some friends and start a little studio. Also If you are planning to release games in the future keep in mind that the pro version is $500. And that GS will have their splash screen on your game unless you pay that 500 bucks.

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  • whats your email, we'll talk. Im an audio producer. Dont know anything about programming ( since im brand new to Gamesalad myself ) but Im pretty good at the music / sfx deal. So let me know. my email is : [email protected]
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