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can you have Multiple Distribution Certificates on the same machine?

BobDBobD Posts: 374Member, PRO
I have my own developer account. I have a client who wants me to set up a developer account for them to release under their name. I installed my clients Distribution Certificate but after building with GameSalad and the loading the with Application Loader 1.41 I get the message "No eligible applications were found".

Any tips on doing this?


  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Posts: 1,274Member
    It is possible as I have had several people load games to my developer account. That being said, I think it can be confusing to do the first time around. Shaz from HoneyTribeStudios has a pretty good handle on this and I have offered to pay him for a detailed walkthrough when he gets the time.
  • BobDBobD Posts: 374Member, PRO
    Found solution: Why am I receiving a "No eligible applications found..." error in Application Loader when attempting to upload my binary even though I have apps that are in the Waiting For Upload state in iTunes Connect?
    If you have apps in your iTunes Connect account that are Waiting for Upload, and are still encountering a "No eligible applications found..." error when logged into Application Loader for binary delivery, reset the login information for Application Loader through the Setup Wizard. You can access the Setup Wizard from the Window menu in Application Loader.

    For your app information to display correctly, you must log in to Application Loader with the Apple ID and password you use to sign in to iTunes Connect.
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