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...Tuesday October 4th?

GamesDrinkGamesDrink Posts: 17Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
According to quite a few of today's tech sites, looks like Apple will finally launch its new iPhones and improved iPod touch on Tuesday 4th October.

Looking at all the leaks, rumours etc its seems we'll be getting the following:

- An all new iPhone 5 with bigger screen & A5 chip
- An updated/cheaper iPhone 4 (renamed as 4s or 4plus)
- An updated iPod touch (few enhancements, White color available)

I definitely think we'll be seeing an all new looking iPhone 5. Gizmodo revealed the current 4th gen design over 17 months ago, its been on sale for over 13 months (which in smartphone land is a long time) and if all we were gonna see was an updated 4s then we would have had it sooner. Time to work on new graphics lol :-)


  • ARandomDayARandomDay Posts: 124Member, PRO
    It will be using the same res Retina display imo.

    Apple wont want to lack app support on the new device.
  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Posts: 1,135Member
    This is good news. I strongly suggest that if you're working on projects that you get them out and have a release date of before October 4th.

    When people buy brand new iPhones, they typically load up on apps and games because they want to play with their new device.

    Let's push hard people. Real hard!
  • BlackbirdStudiosBlackbirdStudios Posts: 493Member
    Yea I have been doing extensive research day and night on this subject. Another possible (and probably more likely) date is October 21st (US). Right now I'm getting really pumped because I am one of those guys who waits like 5 hours in line for these products. iPhone 5 here I come!
    DrGlickert said:

    Let's push hard people. Real hard!

    I'm on it!!! :D

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  • GamesDrinkGamesDrink Posts: 17Member
    ARandomDay said:
    It will be using the same res Retina display imo.

    Apple wont want to lack app support on the new device.

    Yes, your right. The thing is Apple can increase the screen size on the iPhone5 without losing the retina badge because the pixel density is 326 pixel per inch which is really high and could be reduced somewhat without noticing - plus with a bigger phone you wouldn't need to hold it as close as the IP4...
  • ARandomDayARandomDay Posts: 124Member, PRO
    But if its the same res you wont need to increase the size of your graphics....

    Although the iPad 3 will have double the res im betting.
  • diegocsdiegocs Posts: 531Member
    one day before my birthday! Now i know what i´m asking for ;)
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