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Niche Markets

youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
Hey guys,

I was wondering whether it is a good idea to get into a niche market. Like instead of just making a game for everyone. To make it for a certain type of people but make it good. For example the Zanda counterfeit made a ton of cash compared to what it is worth. So do you think a niche market is a good path to take. Any comment or advice.


  • olster1olster1 Posts: 396Member
    I think the very opposite is the way to go. Something that appeals to a broader audience, but then again all apps are trying to compete with that in mind so there is a LOAD of competition. I wouldn't call any Zanda type game a niche, just a genre, one that doesn't appeal to everyone. I would still bet that its better to put most of your efforts into a game that appeals to everyone that something really 'niche'.
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