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Help please?

TheMenOfHonorTheMenOfHonor Posts: 147Member
Good evening to you all. I just received an email from Alawar Entertainment. they are interested in publishing my games for the IOS and Android.

They offer good benefits like Marketing, but I am a little concerned by this.
Now don't give me wrong, our very first game got reviewed well and made it to the top 44th most downloaded app in Japan under "Family Games". But to be honest, there are plenty of other developers just as and more talented than us. So why would they pick us knowing that we are so small?

So have any of you heard about them? Are they serious? Or is it some sort of scam?

This is their site:

Thank you!



  • aarioaario Posts: 256Member, PRO
    I got an email from them the other day! From a Valentina Osipova. Sounded very interesting but Can't do it because of Gamesalad and plus I'd much rather publish my own games.
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