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OtherGuy Studios Website

OtherGuyStudiosOtherGuyStudios Posts: 26Member
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Tell me what you think?

I hope no-one tries to steal my game idea though. As I have not finished it yet. And I know this community is not the most trustworthy as there are so many kids roaming here. (No offence, but it has happened in the past as i have seen by the threads).

Please also follow me on twitter and i will do the same.

Peace out :)


  • While I am here, is there a way to upload your game to itunes connect while testing and safeguard that app name, so no-one else can take it? I should be asking this before posting the above links etc. But just taking a chance here.
  • Great i figured out how to do this, and someone just went and took the name. I check the iphone store carefully and this name wasn't taken already yesterday.
  • Benjamin_m5Benjamin_m5 Posts: 646Member
    Hey there

    The website looks very nice!!! How did you made this or with what?!

  • I used Dreamweaver CS5 (for coding my HTML and CSS) & Fireworks CS5 (for graphic design and slicing and exporting). I am actually a Web & Graphic Designer. Been doing it for about 6 years now.
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