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Im really loving this !!

David_GryphonsRealmDavid_GryphonsRealm Posts: 459Member
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So after 2-3 days of watching videos on YouTube ( gamesalad cookbook, tshirtbooth, gendai games, ect. ) I finally decided to go at it and start a tutorial. Gotta admit the reason I took so long to start ( even the tut. ) is because I havnt programmed a game since I was 12. ( Im now 23 ). So i have to say I was a lil intimidated. But low and behold !! I LOVE GAMESALAD !!! lol, it has been extremely easy to work with the tut and I've ran into a couple problems that ( with a lil common sense ) I was able to figure it out !! I just wanted to share that with you all. Sry if this was a stupid post but it feels good to be doing something that I've always had a passion for once more !!

Thx to you all and thx to Gamesalad

SDJ games
[email protected]


  • Thx tshirt !! And i will prolly be pating for your services in the future ! I've seen your work and its really good !

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