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promo codes giving awat for Forest Pinball

DavisanDavisan Posts: 20Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Forest Pinball HD

support iPhone and iPad

We have done it for 4--5 days.


Check it now. i want to share your feelings on the App.

by the way, there are some our Apps are coming, we need some geeks to test our products.
P.S US users are better, music fans are better.

contact me: [email protected]
Skype Davin_wei


  • I'm a music fanatic. Just thought u should know. ;-)

    [email protected]
  • Benjamin_m5Benjamin_m5 Posts: 646Member
    Game looks very nice!!! Try it now...:)
  • dreamZdreamZ Posts: 103Member
    Graphic looks great!

    but there's some review about this game crash ipad1. Is that true?
  • DavisanDavisan Posts: 20Member
    We are going to fix it up later.
    However communciation and showing your product up are important on GS forum. aren't they?
  • ShineyGamesShineyGames Posts: 157Member
    Yes crashed my ipad
    And on the iphone 4 took 40secs loading to get to game play screen
    Then when i pressed the touch here button a small mushroom shot up to the top of screen then disapeared and the strawberry stayed were it was then nothing?
    Im i doing something wrong. The flipper work when i press but carnt get the strawberry to do anything
    Just though i she let you know
    Love the art on the opening screen :)
    Im on iso5 but dont think that matter
  • azimpactazimpact Posts: 112Member
    We are going to fix it up later.
    However communciation and showing your product up are important on GS forum. aren't they?"

    I'm going to disagree with you here. If you have an app in the store and want people to download, it must play. First impressions are everything. If your app crashes on the first load and I don't get to play it, I probably won't give any of your apps a second look because if that is the quality control you post to iTunes, then I'm not interested and I would be pissed had I paid for the app.

    Not saying that in a mean spirited way but just giving you my opinion and your app is not the only one I've come across that doesn't perform. When that happens, I delete it and never give it a second thought.

    Not to mention those bad reviews are going to kill your sales.
  • JoeMeisterJoeMeister Posts: 602Member
    Does NOT work on iPhone GS3.
  • Benjamin_m5Benjamin_m5 Posts: 646Member
    Doesnßt work on iPhone 4 too.
  • ShineyGamesShineyGames Posts: 157Member
    How did It get approved?
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