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How to make actor Auto-move?

TrinityDevTrinityDev Posts: 6Member
How do I make my actors move up automatically once the round is started? I have figured out how to make them move up when there is a touch (its an i-phone app), but just want them to move up automatically any help is really appreciated! Thanks!


  • TrinityDevTrinityDev Posts: 6Member
    So your saying that I could just make it like Auto-rotation for example and it will start automatically because I thought that when you have a rule there has to be a way to start it? Someone just told me to take move out of the touch rule, but then where do I put move if its not in a rule? Im sorry I know I sound like an idiot I just can not seem to figure this out. Thanks for bearing with me and your help
  • SlightlyGrimSlightlyGrim Posts: 51Member

    yeah basically you can just drag behaviours onto the actor, it just means they will start the minute the scene is activated. If you want them to move by some action or stop when something is activated then you add a rule saying when this happens, move the actor and when this happen stop.

    hope this helps to make it clearer.
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