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Move Two Actors with one touch, at the same time

pixelknightspixelknights Posts: 68Member, PRO

This is my first post, and the first problem I have encountered whilst developing my game that I can not find the answer for (but i bet you its very simple)

I have an Actor which moves left - right depending on where the user moves, this actor aims to catch items falling from the sky. As the image I am using for this actor is quite large, and the collision area is massive, I have decided to create a invisible actor which will act as my collision barrier.

I want this collision barrier to move with the other Actor when the user touches the normal Actor. Any ideas?

Thank You in advanced


  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    You need to use a "constrain attribute" behavior on the x and y value of the barrier actor, to the x and y value of the main actor. Take a look at this video from Tshirtbooth on the youtube Cookbook page, it has the information you need.

    And watch all those videos if you haven't. A world of information is there about how to use GameSalad.

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  • pixelknightspixelknights Posts: 68Member, PRO
    Thanks SlickZero, exactly what I needed.

    I have been using gamesalad now for 8 months, and this is the only time I have encountered a problem that I could not solve myself or from the forums on this website. I have watched most of the vidoes but not all (only watched the most relevant to my project), I must have missed this particular video, but I did not know that I would want to constrain actors at the beginning.

    But thanks again
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