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Lite Game Versions

azimpactazimpact Posts: 112Member
I've been reading that Apple is clamping down on the lite games and wants you to use in app purchases for them to upgrade which we can't do yet and won't be able to for a while.

I see a great value in doing the lite versions and wonder what is the safest way to do them so they don't rejected.

From what I've gleaned to so far:

1. Do not mention, upgrade or price in the link.
2. Do not mention any of the stuff you get when you buy the full version.
3. It would be safe to put "Full Version" with the Itunes app logo and then link to the app from that logo?
4. Do not mention that words, demo, test, trial or anything like that. You can use the word Lite or Free in the name of the lite version.
5. Make the lite version actually be something that will provide the player value even if they choose not to buy the full version.

Are there any other things that I missed that anybody can think of?
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