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Highscore problems ! PLEASE HELP ASAP

HameedRashedHameedRashed Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I'm having a very hard time setting up the highscore feature ! i'm stuck with a game with no highscore and it sucks ! i really really need help ! i did all the step and all the solutions and nothing seems to be working !!


  • HameedRashedHameedRashed Posts: 15Member
    First thanks for replying,
    Second. My games is basically a ball which i tilt left and write to score in goals and avoid cones. scoring goal i get points. So when i goals i can see the score rising and everything works normal. and i can also see my score on the screen when i lose (i can see the score i got). After am done i want that screen to show my current score and my all time highscore or even have a leader board. i tried everything i've seen the videos. implemented all the rules possible. from

    Attribute Game.Score > Game.Highscore
    Change attribute Game.highscore to Game.Score

    i tried putting that rule everywhere and still no results ! i tried putting the rule in my my ball that moves, in the goal which i need to score, score display, everywhere and i also tried using it in different actors all at the same time and nothing seems to be working.

    Please any help tips anything would do ! if you want me to send you the project and you see whats going on i won't mind just please help me ! i need to update before november !

    waiting !!
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