Spawning based off equation

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A feature I would love to see is a way to spawn based off an equation. I hate having to just put in multiple spawn behaviors. I'll explain.

I'm working on a game that works in waves. Each wave it picks a random number 1-5 then I want to spawn the number chosen. Currently, I have to create a different rule for each & then a 1-5 spawn behaviors depending on which number was chosen.

To further complicate things, the # spawned will be based off the difficulty (which you set right before the battle).

Difficulty (2-Easy, 4-Med, 6-Hard, 8-Insane, 10-Impossible)

The equation I would like to use would be Difficulty * random# / 2.

This is an example, this wouldn't be the exact equation, but you get the picture. If anyone knows a way to spawn multiple actors of same kind without just putting in a bunch of spawn behaviors, I would love to know. And FYI, the game is loosely turn-based, so I can't just speed up the spawn rate. Or rather I prefer not. I want the mobs to be grouped.

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