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Need Japanese Translation / Music?

kazkithekingkazkitheking Posts: 4Member
Hi GameSalad community,

I'm a translator for GameSalad in Austin, TX. If you want your games translated from English to Japanese, I'm your guy!

I am also an accomplished music composer so I'll get you all ready to go!

Happy game making!


  • kazkithekingkazkitheking Posts: 4Member
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    I just use google translate, even though it's not all correct,
    But as for music I'm interested
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    LeonardDeveloper said:
    I just use google translate, even though it's not all correct,
    But as for music I'm interested

    i would never use google translate for a app description or anyhting in a game for that matter. Its totally obvious to the native language users and just looks weird. Look at this forum, you can totally tell when someone used google translate because even though there using english words, the grammar, order, and way its said and put together is way off. Not to mention any slang words.

    For example: wow thats sick put into google translate will bring you back something about vomitting alot of the times or how you dont feel good in another language
  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    yes, I'm very silly really using g translate, but i only use it for japanese,
    as I'm fluent in french, german, chinese, Irish, Gaeilge, English (I'm from ireland; Our native language is Irish, even though we speak english and only learn irish),
    So if anyone needs translations for:
    Irish: ill be happy to help!!!!!! to share my language of free!,
    i will do french and german translations for a paid amount though so if anyones interested contact me on [email protected],
    IRISH "Tá mé an-sásta cabhrú leat,
    Foirgneamh app Shona iPhone,
    Is focal de chomhairle chineál chun infheistíocht a dhéanamh in éirinn cé muid ag ithe den chuid is mó apps Béarla anseo in éirinn apps teanga Gaeilge ní mór a bheith app becaue a dhéanann sé bhraitheann muid bródúil as a bheith na héireann,
    Mar shampla thuilleamh mé € € 12 in aghaidh na seachtaine le ceann de mo fhoghlaim apps na héireann,
    agus € 4 in aghaidh na seachtaine le ceann de mo cluichí i na héireann
    Gach an chuid is fearr Jack Leonard,"

    "I am very happy to help,
    Happy iPhone app building,
    a word of kind advice is to invest in ireland even though we mostly consume english apps here in ireland Irish language apps are a must have app becaue it makes us feel proud of being irish,
    For example I earn €12 euros a week with one of my learn irish apps,
    and €4 a week with one of my games in irish
    All the best Jack Leonard,"
  • kazkithekingkazkitheking Posts: 4Member
    I've read that Google translation works pretty well for most languages EXCEPT Japanese and Chinese. I've tried it once in Japanese and it was HILARIOUS!!
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