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Down! and Down! HD Free for 3 days

TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Posts: 63Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
My original game, Down! and its iPad version are free for the next 3 days in celebration of the release our newest game Sun Runner.

Here is a video of the game on the iPhone

You can find the game here:


Enjoy The Games.

Any feedback would be great.


  • error123error123 Posts: 112Member
    i would suggest to keep this free for the entire time. I would also be surprised even at 69p if it gets more then 3 to 4 downloads a day.

    bit harsh then. honestly this game just looks like watching a spirit level, watching the bubble float up and down. i don't think it is original enough for the app store. There is some very strong competition now and this just dose not cut the mustard. you need to at least have better graphics for impulse buys to.
  • TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Posts: 63Member
    I understand what you are saying about the graphics. It was my first game and I had no experience in game graphics at the time it was released. My newer games Sun Runner and the soon to be released Dodge Vortex both have much better graphics.

    I disagree with what you said about the gameplay. I understand it might not appeal to you but I believe that it is a solid gameplay concept. Once you get on to the later levels it can become incredibly addictive.

    As to what you said about money, it is my most successful game so far. However the sales have died down recently and have not been getting many sales at all. I may consider making it free permanently however depending on the download over the next couple of days.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback and I am sorry if I seem overly defensive.
  • TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Posts: 63Member
    Down! and Down! HD were both featured in AppAdvice's Apps Gone Free list for yesterday. I hope this gives them some publicity.

    Here is a link
  • TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Posts: 63Member
    We got 2800 downloads yesterday. I'm very pleased about that. I don't know how that compares to what other people get when there app is free but that is our biggest quantity of downloads in a single day.
  • TumbleSoftTumbleSoft Posts: 63Member
    Yay. I just got my first ever "rotstik" review. I have got to say it is a work of art.

    At least he spent the time to play the game.
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