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BlockCraft for iPhone hits Top 200 Strategy Games!

mikelowemikelowe Posts: 177Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hi everyone! Just released BlockCraft 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. So far, its doing pretty well. Its been all over the place, but mostly sitting at around #174 for strategy games.

Check it out:

My iPad version made it to the top 100, so I hope this one does as well.


  • JoVeJoVe Posts: 224Member
    Do you giveaway promo codes?
    I'm very interested in Blockcraft fot iPhone
  • mikelowemikelowe Posts: 177Member
    JoVe, I did not plan on giving out promos for this version, but because you seem very interested, I have sent you one.

    Update: I have been at #106 under strategy games for a good portion of the afternoon and night!
  • TheMenOfHonorTheMenOfHonor Posts: 147Member
    What site do you use to track your apps? You seem to be updated more than once per day :P
  • mikelowemikelowe Posts: 177Member its GREAT and free. it does update once per day just like apple. it imports your sales data in nice graphs and chats and stuff. highly recommend it to any developer. I know my ranking because top 200 charts are actually live. Don't need a tracker for that! just iTunes.
  • davidsalomondavidsalomon Posts: 136Member
    Congratulations mikelowe!
    I hope I get to be successful in the future too!
  • mikelowemikelowe Posts: 177Member
    Thanks david! I love Minecraft and thought it would be cool to make a 2d spinoff for the iPhone. I don't think its been done before. I've learned that to get in a top 200 chart (I've only been on the subcategory charts), you just have to bring something new to the table. I'm sure you'll find success as well.
  • BackUpAndDownBackUpAndDown Posts: 685Member
    Thats a good way to approach projects. How have sales been?
  • mikelowemikelowe Posts: 177Member
    BackUpAndDown, were you on my other thread? Sales on my iPad version have been pretty good. Its gotten about 150 downloads (roughly $100). The iPhone version just came out, so I don't really have a clear indication of sales other than its ranking. I feel like, although the iPad is advertised as this revolutionary gaming device, the iPhone is still the more popular gaming platform. I honestly believe the iPhone version will have much better sales than the iPad version. On the iPad, I got to #84 in Strategy. on the iPhone, #104. The thing is, it takes wayyyy more downloads on the iPhone app store to get these rankings.

    The difference between #'s on the iPad store and iPhone store is very interesting. I have another app with an iPad and iPhone version. The iPad version was in the top 100 for strategy, and the iPhone version wasn't anywhere NEAR the top 200. despite this, the iPhone version made more per day.
  • BackUpAndDownBackUpAndDown Posts: 685Member
    Thats pretty cool. I was on your other thread but I was curious how sales have been since then.
  • JoVeJoVe Posts: 224Member
    Thats cool so much downloads!
    I think Blockcraft would become very very succesfull!
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