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    stevenc89 said:
    Thanks guys!

    I've submitted V1.21 update to fix the following issues:
    -Electrone's trap image doesn't show up in World 2,3 and 4
    -Medic's healing not working properly
    -Lag in several maps
    -Stage completion record problem

    By the way, I have just received the following email saying that I'm spamming the forum...

    Details of the mail:

    Please stop spamming the GameSalad forums with bogus information about your game.
    We try to maintain a good atmosphere there, and lately we have been getting too many complaints about you.
    I strongly suggest that you stop posting, or you will quickly discover that the ban switch has been flicked.
    Again, we do not tolerate your type, and we really don't care about your game. Announcing it is one thing, writing a thesis about it is another!

    For spam reasons we do not use standard email. If you would like to discuss my actions feel free to email me at:

    Matt - Executive Chef

    I don't think its real but can sous chef clarify this matter to me?

    He has no right whatsoever to say that to you. Dont listen to him at all. Hes a little kid that makes stuff up and has no idea what hes doing.
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    To show my appreciation to the support from Gamesalad community, I'm giving out some promo codes for the soundtrack album of Monochromania aka Steven's Musical Collection.


    How to redeemed:

    Step 1:
    Go to

    Step 2:
    Enter the code.

    Step 3:
    Download and enjoy the music.

    Hope you enjoy the game as well. : )

    Steven Chin
    Indie Developer for Monochromania
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    Received my first 1 star review, its from a guy called rotstick.

    I'm not sure whether you will be reading this or not but I really appreciate your honest review. Just had a discussion with a TA former awhile ago regarding improvement and adjustment for next update. If you have any suggestion for me to improve this game please feel free to send it to
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    Update V1.21 is NOW LIVE at iTunes Appstore:

    Bug Fixes
    + Medic's healing now working properly
    + Fixes Electrone's trap missing problem in World 2, 3 and 4
    + Fixes game completion record problem
    + Improve performance
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    JohnPapiomitis said:
    He has no right whatsoever to say that to you. Dont listen to him at all. Hes a little kid that makes stuff up and has no idea what hes doing.

    I don't actually think it was him, to be fair.

    It's obviously the same guy that's previously sent out emails as tshirtbooth. He's actually been let back into this community, though I did try and warn the GS guys about him.


    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    Sounds cool!

    I agree it's very busy

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    Monochromania is FREE until 16 November! Get it now! XD
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    Yeah I don't think it was Matt. He is way to respectable to do that. Someone, maybe an enemy was framing him.

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    Sorry if I have cause any misunderstanding here, until now I'm still not sure of who is the culprit behind this matter.

    I have forwarded the mail to Head Chef and I believe the truth will be revealed after some investigation.
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