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GameSalad can be used for more than just games...

TomCoffeeTomCoffee Posts: 175Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!

I just wanted to say that I'm completely blown away by the quality of games many people on here are able to make with GameSalad and I'm really impressed by the community that's growing around it. I hope to one day have the time and imagination to create a cool playable game like some of the ones here...

I bought my first Mac in 20 years because of the potential of GameSalad and I'm hoping to upgrade to pro in the next month or so...

I'm not really to the point of making full-blown games yet... I'm still kind of teaching myself the system with a free hour here and there. I'm having fun, making a buck or two and learning a lot... I actually enjoying fiddling around with GameSalad more than I like playing most video games at the moment :-) I'm not like a lot of you here, I'm old (I'm almost 40! heheh)

So I'm not going the traditional "game" route... I think the potential for GS is much, much more than games... But for the moment... I'm making fun little demos and silly apps.

This Traffic Light Remote and Crosswalk Remote app falls into that category:

I've also created an Elevator Remote app...

Similar idea, prettier pictures... my kids are amazed by these things, which is kind of the point ;-)

When I upgrade to Pro I'll put out a free version with ads and promote the .99 cent one without the ads.

Thanks! - Apps for Parents and Kids


  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    TomCoffee said:
    I'm not like a lot of you here, I'm old (I'm almost 40! heheh)

    Oh, but you are like many of us here…And younger. :)

    I have no friends. I'm a loser that makes video games all day. Will you be my friend?

  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
    Yes you are ;)

    I love the customer review on the Traffic Light app.: "It's a complete lie"



  • ScorchstarScorchstar Posts: 19Member
    Stop ripping people off?
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