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Logo and Icon contest

wormilwormil Posts: 127Member
Ok, so I'm in need of a good logo and a nice icon.
The icon is for my current mac application "Gamesalad Obfuscator".
The logo is for me, "Less Than Useless Software".

If you design one (or both if you want) and I pick yours, I will give you a copy of Gamesalad Obfuscator. You can find details on the program here: . Please read the entire thread if you are going to read it and not just the first few follow ups.

I'll end the contest and pick a winner(s) Weds 9am EST.



  • App SurgeApp Surge Posts: 651Member
    A few questions...
    How will we get the Obfuscator? Via online download?
    And do you need an animated logo, or just a plain .png or .jpg
  • wormilwormil Posts: 127Member
    I'll give you a url to download or can email to you.
    Just a static image is fine, png is best.
  • wormilwormil Posts: 127Member
    I forgot to mention "LTUS" is also an acceptable logo :)
  • wormilwormil Posts: 127Member
    Shameless bump D:
  • wormilwormil Posts: 127Member
    I guess no one wins D:
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