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Price for game

ComputerWareComputerWare Posts: 10Member

I've made this game for a company, and I need to find a price to sell it for to them...

I've used about 20-25 hours to built it...

What would you take for make such a game???

Best regards,



  • If your a pro dev. Most charge 25-30 an hr. just to give u an estimate.

    Hope this helps.

  • TheBoss_123TheBoss_123 Posts: 60Member
    approx $800
  • jinedjined Posts: 42Member, PRO
    it depends on the complexity of the idea...

    you made the idea?

    or was their idea, and you just made the code?

    500 euro for the code
    1500 euro if there was also the idea
  • keweworkshopkeweworkshop Posts: 377Member
    Not sure if this will be helpful but I paid an objective C programmer $150 an hour ($2100 total) to make a audio book app for me. It was extremely simple, basically pages that swiped with a finger and an audio track played. Then at the end it didn't run properly and crashed and locked up constantly, makes my stomach sick thinking about it.

    I know you can't charge that much for a gamesalad game but if they went to have it programmed somewhere else it would cost them multiple thousands. Give them a good deal but don't sell yourself short either.
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