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Survival of the Tiltest for the iPhone/iPod touch

11clock11clock Posts: 450Member
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From the creator of AntiMal
Also, be sure to look out for the table game Stock Frenzy, which is currently in heavy development!

You don't know where you are, but you do know one thing: You must survive! Red circles are constantly being thrown into a room you (a green square) happen to be in. They constantly bounce around the room and thus will never be destroyed. How are you supposed to last long at all when the room will eventually be cluttered up with red circles? The answer: the Javelin! Occasionally a Javelin (a blue oval) will be launched at you. Though it can hurt you if you get hit by it, the Javelin destroys all red circles in its path! You even get points from the red circles the Javelin destroys, and there is a combo system! Look out for falling stars, too. Collect them for extra lives! How long can you last?


-Retina Display support
-Unique gameplay
-Simple, shiny graphics
-Catchy music
-Responsive tilt controls
-4 game modes (Survival, Time Attack, Don't Miss, and Hardcore)
-9 achievements
-Falling stars!

iTunes Link:

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