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Run, Jump, Kill! official gameplay video!

2-Bit_Tom2-Bit_Tom Posts: 34Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Thanks to the awesome power of Gamesalad, Run, Jump, Kill! is ready for release on iPhone!

Thank you GS team for your incredible game engine! I'm hoping to have RJK! on the app store in the near future.



  • 2-Bit_Tom2-Bit_Tom Posts: 34Member, PRO
  • 2-Bit_Tom2-Bit_Tom Posts: 34Member, PRO
    Thank you!

    I planned framerate for a 3Gs iPhone. It's plays smooth on that device. I know it appears that a lot is happening in the game world but I designed a spawer/checkpoint system to turn off and on unnecessary enemies and objects. I also tuned the frequency of enemy spawning and limited the number of enemies that can spawn. There would be no point in releasing a game with poor framerate, that wouldn't be any fun to play, at all. But with some smart optimization work you can get more out of your game.
  • ScorchstarScorchstar Posts: 19Member
    This looks great! how are sales going?
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