New company helping indie devs

sticky115sticky115 Member Posts: 2
Hey I stumbled on this site yesterday and it looks like a company helping devs finish and publish and market their games. I was thinking of taking one of my games to them. They said I would have to improve my graphics though.

just thought id share.

What do you guys think? do they look legit?


  • JPickardJPickard Member Posts: 477
    Not taking "30 to 70%" they don't look legit. Ouch.
  • mutinysoftmutinysoft Member Posts: 59
    sticky115, we currently arent doing sponsorships for a little while because we have just recently taken up a few...

    and JPickard, those numbers are typical for a publishing company. And if you end up getting a deal where we take 70%, that means the that Mutinysoft provided almost all content such as music and graphics and a long time frame for the games completion. If a mobile game requires minimal work the percentage is usually 30% and this is typical if not better than most other publishers for mobile games.

    and since we are not giving more sponsorships for the next month or so the only option mobile game developers have is the marketing and publishing contract which is 35%. And we assure you that the profits made with the contract would dwarf the extra 35% the developer would have received without.
  • TheMenOfHonorTheMenOfHonor Member Posts: 147
    This doesn't look like a bad deal at all. I had a good run with my first app in Japan (14th top app under family games on October 2nd) but now my app is dead and i'm making no money at all. Earning anything at this point would be a profit, this could be great to give apps a second breath.

    I will try it in the future and see how it goes.
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