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★★★ 10 Promo Codes.....Need Reviews please ★★★

iTurkiiTurki Posts: 10Member

Here are some promo codes for my game "Lazy Hamster"
I would really Appreciate it if you rate it.



  • JelJel Posts: 319Member
    Hi iTurki,

    I took LKLMXX99YEAY. The game seem's like it could be really good but the thing that got annoying was that the touch controls where iffy. I had to press most of the buttons/blocks 2 or 3 times to get them to work. TSB has some good touch control demos for buttons, etc which are worth taking a look at.

    Also regarding getting people to leave reviews you could try using the new review demo (I was going to upload the same thing) where there's a popup that asks people to leave a review during the game.
  • iTurkiiTurki Posts: 10Member
    thanks for the advice man ,, I will try that....
  • PhiliePhilie Posts: 240PRO
    Hi iTurki,

    I took 477T9RM3A9NJ. As to what Jel had said, I totally agree. When it came to clicking a block, or let alone anything, it took numerous taps until it finally registered that I had clicked it. Other then that, its amusing, nice graphics.. you can always do updates sort of like Cut the Rope, where you collect stars to be able to get to the next level, therefore making it so you HAVE to fall a certain way.. more challenging, you know? Cool app though, good job!
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