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WordRanger for iPad !

naavicanaavica Posts: 9Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
See Video at :

Hopefully available by Thanksgiving 2011 !. Pl excuse poor video quality !


  • COBGamesCOBGames Posts: 114Member
    i don't get why it is called word ranger or what you are even trying to do.
  • mithraweptmithrawept Posts: 167Member, PRO
    Maybe the helicopter has to collect letters, like stealing from the hollywood sign?
  • JadarStudiosJadarStudios Posts: 264Member
    I didn't see at all what you are supposed to do either.
  • naavicanaavica Posts: 9Member
    Yes, the Ranger on the helicopter is on a mission to shrink monster bulls which have letters on their backs. When it forms a word you go to the next level and so on .... Since there is only one word that can be formed with the letters in each level ( and that is the challenge) I did not show the words in the video.

    Some of the videos posted in this forum also did not explain in such detail (like I have now) about what we were supposed to do in the game either !. So I thought of creating a really short video to just evince interest . ! Thats all. !!.

    The game has been submitted to Appstore and awaiting review.

    Thanks for the polling and kindly let me know how you feel about the art. Is it appealing ?
  • keweworkshopkeweworkshop Posts: 377Member
    I think it looks cute! The music made me smile :)
  • naavicanaavica Posts: 9Member
    Deleting the Youtube video . I want to create a new one with better quality and to be more informative. Will be submitting link here and also under the sticky for Game of the month shortly !
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