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MiBallsMiBalls Posts: 2Member
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MiBalls is the fun fast fingered memory game which will push your co-ordination skills to the limit. Coming soon to the Apple App Store! WARNING! Extremely addictive!


  • Hello Salad People!

    I have not been around these parts for quite some time but thought I would pop in to announce our very 1st game!

    MiBalls is now available in the Apple app store!

    It has had very good feedback so far but has only bee available since yesterday evening.

    You can also see a gameplay / promo video here:

    You can also follow us o Twitter for updates as we have loads of new features planned such as game center, extra un-lockable wallpapers and plenty of surprises to keep you coming back for more!

    Have fun playing with MiBalls! ;)
  • Thanks tshirtbooth.

    I am certainly playing with MiBalls and I hope loads of other people want to play with MiBalls too. ;)

    The twitter feed is @MiBalls BTW. I forgot to put it in the last post. I will follow you too.

  • The things we do for promotion! :) What do the rest of you normally resort to?
  • SnapFireSnapFire Posts: 361Member
    Sounds very.... interesting ;)

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